Avida Home Health offers a wide range of plans, each tailored to meet your unique needs. Avida Home Health utilizes an interdisciplinary approach focused on education and preventive practices to enhance client and caregiver involvement in the client’s plan of care.  Avida Home Health is proud to offer the following disciplines:

Skilled Nursing

  • A skilled nursing service that may include complex tasks such as IV and catheter management, medication administration, and wound care as well as observation and assessment of the patient’s condition, management and evaluation of a complex plan of care, and teaching and training.

Home Health Aide

  • Home Health Aide services include those services performed under the supervision of the RN to maintain activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and eating.  These services are not always covered by all insurances.

Physical Therapy

  • A physical therapists provides treatment of injury and disease by mechanical means such as heat, light, exercise, and massage.

Occupational Therapy

  • An occupational therapist helps you return to usual activities (such as bathing, preparing meals, and housekeeping) after illness or surgery.

Speech-Language Pathology

  • A speech therapist assists with problems involving speech, language, and swallowing as well as cognitive issues.

Medical Social Services

  • Medical Social Services help with social and emotional concerns related to your illness. This may include counseling or help in finding resources in the community.

Coordination of Care

  • Avida Home Health believes that coordination of care is essential for patient safety and reducing costs while providing quality care.  We will gladly procure Durable Medical Equipment as ordered by your physician and ensure that your physician(s) obtain information in a timely manner.